Hiroshi Ohkado (大門 ひろし, Ohkado Hiroshi) is a student attending Kamioka East Middle School with a crush on Chisato Chikaishi.


Hiroshi has light skin with black hair and a flattop haircut. He boasts a slightly larger than average build with a very blocky head and facial features.



Hiroshi confesses his romantic feelings towards Chisato Chikaishi but is rejected. Hiroshi creates an amasogi from a copy of a dating-sim game titled Pure Heart causing the next day of school for all conversations with women be done through it's dialogue system. Hiroshi abuses the system to make Chisato and other girls to fall in love with him. Kazuya Kagami finds Hiroshi and Chisato together where Chisato coldy greets Kazuya having fell out of love with him. Kazuya confronts Hiroshi but is slapped by Chisato. Having realized the cause of the situation to be an amasogi, Kazuya chases after Hiroshi but Hiroshi has his fangirls stop him. Kazuya eventually wins Chisato back through the dialogue choice system causing Hiroshi to run away crying. Osamu Osanai and Kiriha find Hiroshi to confront him about the whereabouts of the amasogi, which he reveals to be a PC version of the game, running in the computer room. Osamu realizes and explains the PC version of the game is X-rated, containing pornographic content. Osamu and Hiroshi rush to the computer room where Hiroshi destroys the amasogi.

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