Konoka Kobayashi (小林このか, Kobayashi Konoka) is a student attending Kamioka East Middle School.




As part of the drama club, Konoka was forced by her classmates to write a play for their school. After writing the script, Konoka was removed from the main role, her script rewritten and herself given the new role of a unimportant townsperson.

At some point she was given a curse filled script which became her amasogi, likely from Mimane Miyou.


One day Kazuya Kagami and his friends discover their school to be covered in plant life and roaming with monsters. As Konoka enjoys her time slaying monsters Kazuya and his friends confront Konoka and attempt to convince her to destroy the amasogi herself. Konoka refuses but defeated by Kazuya and Kiriha. In defeat, Konoka refused to destroy her amasogi, resulting in Kazuya and Kiriha destroying it for her. Konoka's hair became stuck in the style of the hero's as a result of the Curse Backlash.

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