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  • Hey, this is just a little notice before you upload any more images but could you please fill out the file info template and select a licensing when uploading images in the future. You can do so by copy and pasting the code found the red box when uploading images, into the summary. You will need to keep track of which chapters the images come from. When selecting a Licensing, the fair use one should be sufficient. 

    Since the wiki doesn't have much to any contributors, it's less of a problem for now and I was able to fill out the stuff for your previously uploaded images. If the does wiki becomes more active, which could happen because of the anime, and there is a sudden increase in image uploads,  I'll have to start deleting images that don't have it filled out since it too much work to keep track myself. 

    Also try to keep your image names more descriptive than say Character 12.png

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  • Hi, welcome to Tsugumomo Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Kukuri page. Usually an automated message would go off to thank you but it didn't so I'm writing this manually. I'm not good at this admin/community managing stuff.

    I've noticed you uploaded the same image twice and would like to let you know I will be deleting the one labeled Kukuri-portrait.gif. If you have some reason for wanting to keep it please say so.

    A couple things regarding you're image uploads:

    1. Please try to fill out the summary field to the best of your abilities for future uploads.

    2. Please try to use unaltered images if possible. In regards to your Kukuri render, while I appreciate the effort put in to create it, I would like to keep things as unaltered as possible. It is also creates inconsistency between articles, since creating clean coloured renders of others articles may not always be possible. I'll keep the image but don't feel the need to create renders of other characters unless you want to for other reasons.

    Since the wiki is in very early stages of in terms of community and content, please feel free to dispute some rules or make suggestions.

    If you need help or have any questions, read through our Manual of Style or contact a local admin...which would be me... since I'm the only one here...

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    • Uploading the file as a .gif was a fuck up on my part. When I removed the background I accidentally saved it as a .gif and uploaded it without noticing it, so I reuploaded it as a .png instead. 

      I removed the background due to personal preference but if you prefer unaltered images I'm perfectly okay with it. 

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