Possession (つくも慿き(つくもつき), Tsukumo-tsuki) is the ability for a tsukumogami to take over the body of it's owner.


Possession can be utilized by both tsugumomo and amasogi, granting the tsukumogami full control of their owner's body. Doing so gives the owner's body enhanced physical capabilities, exceeding the limits of the human body for the duration of the possession. Utilizing the enhanced physical abilities causes the owner tremendous mental and physical stress. While possessed the owner retains awareness and memories of their body's actions. The tsukumogami exhibits complete control of the owner's body and may choose permanently retain control.

In cases in which the owner is kept alive while being possessed they are referred to as a possessed one. The tsukumogami may also take the opportunity to kill their host and absorb their spirit, becoming a person eater.

It is possible to achieve a controlled state of possession known as Ascension, if both tsukumogami and owner possess great skill and bond with one another.

Known cases of Possession

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