Shinkurou Shishizaki (獅子崎 信九郎, Shishizaki Shinkurō) was Kukuri's previous exorcist appointed to Kamioka prior to Kanaka Kagami.




Shinkurou servered as Kamioka's exorcist under Kukuri prior to Kanaka Kagami. Along with serving as Kamioka's exorcist, Shinkurou provided food for Kukuri and was responsible for her care-taking. Kanaka applied to be Kamioka's exorcist believing it would allow her to battle stronger opponents. Shinkurou and Kanaka duelled to decide who would be Kamioka's exorcist. Shinkurou was defeated but begged to stay by Kukuri's side. Kiriha stripped Kukuri naked, exposing her vagina to Shinkurou causing him to enter a state of unconscious bliss and was escorted away.


Shinkurou is present at the Tsuzura Temple as part of the Pro-Tsumogami faction. Upon hearing of Kukuri's death, Shinkurou entered a state of heavy drinking and sobbing, allowing Masuji Madarai to usurp the temple with ease.

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