For the chapter titled Stone Shard, see Chapter 51

A Stone Shard (石片(カケラ), Kakera) is a crystallized form curse, powerful enough to alter the worlds state. They come from the celestial pillar and are entrusted to land gods. If two shards are ever brought together, it is said to result in calamity.


Stones Shards appear a small, dark crystals, small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand.


Stone Shards are highly condensed curse in crystallized form, belonging to land gods, embedded within their bodies. It is possible to take a Stone Shard from a god and embed it into oneself, granting the new owner great amounts of power. For non-gods, controlling the Stone Shards power may prove extremely difficult, as the slightest deviation of concentration could result curse running amok. After being removed from a god, a Stone Shard's power will last about a thousand years.

Two Stone Shards which have been taken from their gods are currently in the possession of Kanaka Kagami. The shards belong to Kukuri which was taken by Kanaka, killing her and Iwanagahime's, who was taken by Miurahi who was later killed by Azami and the Stone Shard used to heal Kanaka.

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