Suzuri Sumeragi (皇 すずり, Sumeragi Suzuri) is the wife of Susumu Sumeragi and mother of Suou and Sunao Sumeragi. Her family runs a dojo which teaches the Sumeragi Style of swordfighting.


Suzuri is a slender woman with light skin. She has short hair parted to the side.

She is wears a white aikidogi with a black hakama when training but otherwise is usually seen wearing a kimono.



Suzuri was the daughter of a family which ran a dojo teaching the Sumeragi Style of sword fighting. At the age of seventeen, she was the best in the dojo with no one other than her father being able to land a hit on her. Rumor circulated around the students that if one could get a hit on Suzuri they would get to marry her. One day, she entered the bathrooms naked to find Susumu cleaning. Just as Suzuri was about to hit Susumu, the two of them slipped and Susumu accidentally landed a hit on her with his broom. Being the first person aside from her father to land a blow on her, she had Susumu take responsibility and the two would marry six years later.