Urara (右晶(うらら), Urara) alongside Sarara are a pair of shoe tsugumomo and members of Mayoiga. Both are usually seen accompanying Tanmen.



Though Urara and Sarara are rarely seen speaking, Urara usually appears more happy than her counterpart. Both are usually responsible for restraining Tanmen from his perverted antics, Urara usually maintains her smile while doing so.


Urara is present when Akito and Arumi Ashimine first arrive in Mayoiga. Before welcoming the two, she and Sarara kick Tanmen down when he begins to grope Arumi's butt. The two are always seen sitting beside Tanmen during meetings. When Genbu and his expressed their frustration at relying on Arumi's divintion, Genbu attempted to attack Tanmen but was held off by Urara and Sarara.